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Graduation Mass (:
Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh what a day! Im gonna miss my friends bby! Few days left. What a busy Weekend! Full of practices for our graduation, & I get to participate recognition too :[ oh what a weekend! Cherish the moment. Today was a really great day, Kinda? Cuss my friends & I get to bond each other for a while. I guess my school was pretty awesome to pay LOTS OF THINGS just for us. :[ aww. What a homily! Father sure has lots of stories to share. Oh damn! I'll miss my schoolmates & friends so much. I think life is too lonely without them, My camera overloaded *lol*. My friends sure love to take pictures =)). But I don't have time to upload them in facebook, so I uploaded my own photos with them :P. haha! It was such a great day. Wanna see my pictures? If you do
CLiCK HERE. Anyways I gotta go now & Update my blog! Cuss I need to look for AFFLiATES. ♥

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